The Best of Reactive Conference 2015

I’ve spent last Tuesday and Wednesday (November 3rd and 4th) in the capital of Slovakia, the lovely Bratislava, at the Reactive Conference 2015.

(The following list is only a brief and subjective overview. Everything that looks like a quote in this article is more a how-I-remember-it than exactly-how-he-or-she-said-it.)

The talks

Abstracting Just Enough ~ James Long

When you use a library, check first if it is:

  • composable
  • testable
  • debuggable
  • live-reloadable

Async is hard, because it’s stateful → don’t put async operations into your UI. You want your UI to be stateless.

Be careful with promises, they eat your errors.

Watch the talk here.

Bind to the Cloud with Falcor ~ Paul Taylor

Users want to believe that they have the whole cloud on their devices. Falcor can help you pretend that it’s true.

Functional Programming in JavaScript. What, why, and how. ~ Daniel Steigerwald

One idea that especially resonates with my experience: Inheritance freezes design mistakes.

And an on-line book mentioned in the talk:

The Case for CSS Modules ~ Mark Dalgleish

This guy came all the way from Australia and I’m glad he did. He presented a solution to styling components in React called CSS Modules, that looks very promising.

CSS Modules is like Redux, almost a standard already.


► And the talk.

What do reactive apps react to? ~ Victor Grishchenko

Very interesting and funny talk full of pac-mans. First he described different ways to synchronize data between devices that you shouldn’t use (for various reasons):

  1. State machine replication
  2. Patch based
  3. Operational transformation
  4. Ad-hoc – The Evernote’s way. Easy, but users may sometimes lose all their data ;-)

And then he showed the solution: CRDT and a library swarm.js.

► See the whole talk here.

Integrating React with Reactive databases ~ Tomas Kulich

Thanks to this talk I now know how to write a ternary operator in JSX.

  render() {
    return (
        { x === null ?

Joy of composition

A lightning talk, only 5 minutes long with amazing handcrafted slides. A story of Joy who learns that a smaller components are better.

► Go watch it now.

React + Performance = ❤

Three tips to make your react application faster.

► A lightning talk worth watching as well.

React, transparent reactive programming and mutable data structures ~ Michel Weststrate

Probably the only one who dared to go against the mainstream and said that mutable state is good. He presented the library Mobservable, that allows you to observe the changes in your application state and … react.

Work and Play in the React Native Playground ~ Joshua Sierles

React Native Playground is an amazing tool that lets anyone create React Native apps in the browser and share them via URL. Think JSFiddle for React Native. You can peek under the hood of the examples and see the source code just like you are used to do on the web.

The talk on youtube.

Effects as Data ~ Richard Feldman

I believe that everybody wanted to try Elm after this talk. Elm promises to solve many pains of Javascript. Of course you will have to follow its rules, but it looks like a price worth paying. See for yourself.

Watch it even if you think Javascript is a perfect language.

The rest …

There are ► tworecordings, one for each day, with all the talks, not only those I’ve mentioned here. You may want to see the schedule of the conference as well.

I’ve enjoyed the conference very much and learned a lot about the middle-end (that’s how someone over there called the stuff between front-end and back-end). I would definitely love to go there next year again.

Thanks ABRA for the ticket.

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