Petr Štěpánek ~ Curriculum Vitae

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Education: 2003 - 2009 University of West Bohemia, master degree in Software engineering
  2008 University of Essex, UK
  2013 M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers (certificate)
  2014 Udacity: Intro to the Design of Everyday Things (certificate)
  2014 Data Mining with Weka (certificate)
Work (as in 'job'): 2008 - ? SoftEU s.r.o.
Full stack software developer.
My own work: 2011
All about languages. Including programming languages.
Learn chinese.
Make exercises for your classroom easily and quickly.
  2014 Teaching programming in Scratch
I'm teaching a 7 years old kid to program using my own games created in Scratch.
  2014 Coding dojo
I run a regular programming practice for my colleagues at work.
My abilities:

I know how to make my own stuff or follow your assignment. I can tell whether something is right or wrong and fix things.

I create software that is functional and easy to maintain. I prefer simplicity over glitter.

I speak English and understand German language.

My experience:


5+ years, system integration, web services, Seam, Hibernate, JSF



5+ years, HTML, Javascript, CSS



5+ years SQL, PostgreSQL, design of database models and queries, including analysis and optimisation

MongoDB (certificate)



My hobby projects only. RoR and Sinatra.



Java - TestNG, Mockito
Javascript - Jasmine
Groovy - Spock
Ruby on Rails - RSpec



Linux (basics, vim, grep, ssh, ...), SVN and Git

I'm interested in:

Work, that I will love to talk about with everybody.

Work with clear outcome and where I can learn a lot from my colleagues.

I'm not interested in:

Work, where thinking equals searching on Google and where time spent in the office is the main evaluation criteria.

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Contact: e-mail:
  tel.: +420 732 556 535